Time and time again, Fetty Wap has proved to be for the people-especially the kids. Last year, the "679" singer inspired a young boy- who, like Fetty, lost his eye due to a disease- to attend school without his prosthetic eye. Most recently, Fetty decided to send a surprise video to a 10-year-old fan named Anthony who is currently hospitalized and suffering from a brain injury. In the video- which Fetty appropriately started out with "Hey, what's up? Hello"- Fetty sent Anthony his support on the road to recovery and acknowledged how far he's already gotten. 

You and your family are in my prayers. Youโ€™re such a fighter because you made it this far. Your mom told me youโ€™re such a big fan so you got to make sure you get well soon, buddy.

Watch Anthony receive the uplifting video and message below.

Here's a close up of the video