Bluntsiiiide! With his debut mixtape Bluntside God only 15 days away, Craft Monroe just released his second single, "Main Thing" featuring his 908 comrade SkinnyFromThe9. Skinny creates a melodic chorus, singing, "I ain't f*cking with my old bitch/ Me and you, we think the same thing/ I know you wanna be my main thing," over the Menace produced track. Craft takes a more serious approach on his verses but keeps the energy high, firing crazy metaphors in practically every other line. Though the song is mainly about girls, the Blunt$ide God made sure to include a couple bars that noted how lit the weed and alcohol have him feeling. Craft Monroe and Skinny might have a summer banger on their hands with this one!

"Main Thing" was produced by Menace and recorded and mixed by Shy Boogs in The Gallery Room at So Amazin Studios. Click below to listen. Make sure to also listen to Craft's first single "Been That Way"