Back in March, singer/songwriter PartyNextDoor uploaded a picture to his Instagram account that showed him and a girl holding hands while laying down in bed. It didn't take long for people to realize it was Kehlani who was cuddled up next to the signer, as the tattoos on her hand gave it away. The only problem with the picture was that it was taken and uploaded while Kehlani was dating Cleveland Cavalier's point guard Kyrie Irving. As expected, Kyrie and Kehlani officially cut ties soon after the story got out.

After the breakup and a suicide attempt that lead the California R&B singer to the hospital, Kehlani decided it'd be best to deactivate her Instagram and lay low. In April Kehlani reactivated her Instagram and has been slowly making a social media presence again.  

Most recently, she turned to Instagram to congratulate her ex-boyfried Irving on the NBA championship win against the Golden State Warriors.

Harsh comments flooded under the picture, and Kehlani eventually deleted the post. We're not too sure whether the two have been trying to mend things on the low or if it was just a friendly post. I wonder if the two will be spending more time together now that the finals are over.