About two years ago, there was speculation that Beyonce and Jay-Z's relationship wouldn't survive. The couple was at a breaking point for reasons that somehow remained out of the spotlight. However, there wasn't ever any word of an official separation and pictures of them together continued to surface the internet; and so the majority of the public assumed everything was back to normal between the two. That was, until Beyonce dropped Lemonade earlier this year, an album that seemed to revolve mainly around the couple's marital issues.

However, just like a picture can be interpreted 1,000 different ways, so can a song. When listening to "Love Drought," the seventh track off Lemonade, one could easily assume that Beyonce was directly referencing Jay-z. Truth be told...the song was actually written by Ingrid Burley and is about her resentment towards Beyonce's label. Burley recently teamed up with Genius to explain exactly how "Love Drought" came to be. Pretty interesting stuff. Watch below!

Source: Genius