Last year, up and coming rapper Sonnik released his debut mixtape Rebirth. Now, the New Jersey native is currently working on both an EP and a followup mixtape. While Sonnik still hasn't picked a title for the mixtape, the EP is set to be titled smokeNword. Neither projects have a release date as of yet, but hopefully we get word on a release date soon. With two projects underway and  performances lined up for this summer, Sonnik is going to be busy in and out of the studio.

In his latest single, "Touch My Soul," Sonnik finds himself constantly going back and thinking about a girl he knows he's better off without. Despite being surrounded by new girls and admitting he's also done some wrong in their relationship, Sonnik can't seem to shake away the feelings and thoughts of his last girl. A catchy hiphop heartbreak song that isn't difficult to relate to. "We both did some fuck shit/ We both so disgusted/ We put so much of us in this shit, we gotta discuss it"

"Touch My Soul" was engineered and mixed by Keylow in The Red Room at So Amazin Studios. Make sure to follow Sonnik on SoundCloud, Twitter and Instagram (@kingleo_sonnik) to keep up with all his newest music.