Last month, a T.I concert at Irving Plaza in NYC ended early and in chaos after shots were fired inside the venue. Initial reports on the incident claimed that rapper Troy Ave was among the audience and had been shot. However, Troy wasn't able to play the victim card for long. Just a day after the incident, surveillance footage was released to the public which showed Troy Ave as the gunman, not solely the victim. Upon the released footage the Brooklyn rapper was arrested for attempted murder and criminal possession of a firearm. Troy pled not guilty and is being held without bail until his trial.

As he awaits his trial, Troy released a mixtape titled Free Troy Ave, where he addresses the deadly shooting. While Troy used the mixtape to continue proclaiming his innocence he may have said a couple lines that could possibly be used against him at trial. Lyrics like "Pussy n*gga tried to assassinate me/ I took the gun, and turned the tables around like a G/ R.I.P my n*gga, B-A-N-G,"could possibly be questioned and used as evidence during his trial.

Many are opposed of using lyrics as evidence in a trial, as they believe that lyrics are solely artistic expressions and should be protected by the First Amendment as such. However, lyrics have previously been used in trials and served as major evidence.

Listen to Free Troy Ave below.