Lady Gaga recently sat down for an interview with the the Dalai Lama at the Annual United States Conference of Mayors in Indianapolis where they discussed topics such as mental health, giving back and yoga. 

For those who aren't too familiar with Chinese history or who the Dalai Lama is, in a very general summary the Dalai Lama is the spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhism. However, China considers him to be a separatist and a political threat. Needless to say, Lady Gaga's time spent with the Dalai Lama didn't sit too well with China's Communist party. 

China took quick action to condemn the "Bad Romance" singer's music from China, including the selling of her music. Members of the Communist party turned to Facebook (where the nearly 20-minute interview was posted) and other online platforms to bash Gaga.

Lady Gaga isn't alone on this one though, as she's not the first (and probably won't be the last) to be banned from China. Maroon 5, Bjork and Bon Jovi also seem to also have bad romances with China.


Source: Reuters