*Snaps soulfully* Timmy, Timmy Turner. 

Last month, Desiigner dropped his first mixtape, New English, despite having a a chart-topping single, the mixtape didn't get the best of reviews. However, Desiigner's name started buzzing again when XXL released his freshman 2016 freestyle. The 45-second clip showed Desiigner snapping and singing about Timmy Turner. Despite it being a freestyle, we can't say there was much- or any- rapping at all. Desiigner showcased something more like a hymn, one that was catchy enough to get lots of attention on social media. There have been remixes and parodies made of the song.

About a week after the freestyle was released, a video of Mike Dean and Desiigner surfaced, which showed them working with the freestyle acapellas. Rumors were going around about the freestyle being produced into a full song. Today, the rumors have been proven to be right. Mike Dean and Desiigner managed to make a 4-minute song off of Desiigner's snapping and mumbling.