Looks like someone's got Craft Monroe's attention. For "Vibe," Monroe tapped on frequent collaborator SkinnyFromThe9 to handle the chorus while he focused on lacing the track with bar after bar about this girl.

Skinny started off the track with, "I can't get you off my mind/ Shawty you a dime/ Girl please be mine/You are one of a kind/ I wanna let you know that I'm feeling your vibe." 

The energy balance that's created when the two 908/Bluntside rappers collab is quite dope. Skinny, who's usually in charge of the hook, gives the tracks an energetic, radio and club-ready vibe. Skinny's energy gives Craft the opportunity to focus solely on showing off his pen game.

"I got five on me, five on me/ That means 250/ Split that, gave her half because she ride for  me/ With that, we on the I-95 doing zigzags," raps Craft on his last verse.

"Vibe" was recorded and mixed by Shy Boogs in The Gallery Room at So Amazin Studios.

Can this be the same girl that Craft and Skinny were talking about in "Main Thing"? Hmm...