Widely regarded as a hip-hop heavyweight and one of the most prominent in acts we have in rap today, Meek Mill will have to put his rapid progression on halt, after a judge found him guilty of violating his probation and remanded him to prison for a 2-4 year term.


Originally beginning his probation at the young age of 19 years old, the rap artist is still facing life changing consequences of that decade-old case at age 30, raising many questions about the effectiveness of our justice system.

One of the major provocations of the violation hearing is part of the reason why this decision is so controversial at the moment. The judge violated Meek Mill for a case involving him doing a wheelie on a dirt bike in the street, however that case had been dismissed which makes its relevance in his probation violation extremely confusing. Hip-Hop stars from Rick Ross to Jay-Z expressed their shock, outrage and sympathy for the rap star as he prepares to undergo a harsh transition from fame and fortune to rock bottom once again.

Nonetheless, Meek Mill, known recently for his project Wins & Losses as well as his long-standing feud with his rival hip-hop superstar, Drake, will have to look forward to an opportunity to get back in couple of years as the hip-hop community keeps him and his family in our thoughts.