In the past decade, our culture has been dominated by the emergence of “big threes,” or teams composed of a few stand-out players that are simply capable of ravaging any and all competition brought before them. In basketball, we have the Warrior’s big three consisting of Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, and Klay Thompson. In music, we have Shy Boogs, Peoples, and Fetty Wap.

Following up on his self-titled, multi-platinum debut album, Fetty Wap is sticking to the recipe that propelled him and his collective, Remy Boyz, into hip-hop superstardom by reuniting with Shy Boogs, Peoples, and his right-hand man, Remy Boy Monty for “There She Go.” 


Having already proved his consistent ability to put numbers up on the charts, Fetty Wap is preparing fans for his highly anticipated second album, “King Zoo,” with a nostalgic sounding song that brings listeners back to the time when he first joined forces with Shy Boogs and Peoples. Already beginning to gain momentum in Billboard’s Top 100 songs, “There She Go” features Remy Boy Monty, an artist that has successfully carved his own lane in hip-hop after appearing on some of Fetty Wap’s biggest hits such as “How We Do Things” and “My Way.”

Peoples and Shy Boogs, both multi-platinum producers and creatives, are the minds behind some of the most recognizable Fetty Wap songs such as “Again” and “679,” proving time and time again to be one of the more consistent “big threes” in hip-hop music today. Already certified as shifters of music culture in New Jersey, this trio looks to expand on their already impressive run as fans eagerly await the arrival of “King Zoo,” one of the most highly anticipated hip-hop albums out of New Jersey.