While B3B3 (pronounced Bay-Bay) is finalizing her self-titled debut album, she decided to team up with director Nimi Hendrix to give her single "Threat" the visual treatment.

In the video, B3B3 finds herself waking up handcuffed to a hospital bed (rough night?), but quickly gets up, walks out and pulls off in a Mercedes like nothing. "You ain't never been a threat to me," she raps as she's cruising in the Benz. Her next stop: meeting up with producer Just Blaze, who gifts her a leather briefcase. The purple-haired MC then pulls off and crashes a dinner party, where she's quick to pull the trigger on a girl who attempted to attack her with a sword. DJ Jazzy Joyce also makes a cameo.

If you're wondering why nobody seems to be a threat to B3B3, that's because they probably aren't even close to her level. The New Jersey native isn't just dope behind the mic, she's also dope behind the boards, usually mixing most of her tracks. Her resume doesn't stop there though, she's even opened up for Common and Taleb Kweli where she proved to be able to get a large crowd going.

"Threat" was produced by The Allies and finalized by Shy Boogs in The Gallery Room at So Amazin Studios.