New York native Anthony Cruz goes by Brova Smoove when he gets behind the mic. He recently teamed up with Key-Low, an engineer at So Amazin Studio and the two have been able to take Brova's sound to a whole new level.

One of the first tracks that Brova recorded with Key-Low was "Let Me Talk Mah Shyt," where he's feeling himself and is ready to let loose with a tatted chick he's had his eyes on. He shows off his vocals and melodies on the hook, singing "I'm feeling so turned up/ I ain't have fun in a while/ She got that summer body/ Shawty come close to me."

Just one day after sharing "Let Me Talk My Shyt," the Bronx native released "Real or Fake." Here, Brova lets everyone know that he isn't here for the drama and distractions, he's focused solely on getting his money. He doesn't do much rapping here, rather keeps it melodic all the way through, which is pretty dope given the concept.

Both "Let Me Talk Mah Shyt" and "Real or Fake" were recorded by Key-Low in The Gallery Room at So Amazin Studios.