Foundation Digital Films is back with another episode of "The Process". Dive into the life of pain, struggle, dedication and eminent triumph as this riveting cinematic documentary follows one of the most promising young artists breaking into the music industry today, PRiiMe. Take a walk in his shoes as PRiiMe leads you through a pivotal year in his “gutter to gold” march to obtain, what seemed unreachable, success. Generously laced with legendary interviews and multi-platinum perspectives, “The Process” ft. PRiiMe will show you what it truly means when you hear the phrase “hard work pays off”.  To top it all off, with a cherry if you will, a professionaly shot music video for PRiMe's single “Think About” (co-direceted by PRiiMe) wraps it all up in a package with the intent to deliver strength and inspiration. The project was brought to you by Foundation Digital Films and sponsorsed by TUBLife Clothing.