In late June, Miami rapper Dramatic Thought released his debut EP, Unmasked. He's been doing some heavy promo for the project and most recently dropped the video for "Vice City," the eighth track off the EP. "Vice City" is the second track off of Unmasked to get the visual treatment; back in November, Dramatic Thought dropped the video for "Climb," the EP's first single.

In true Vice City fashion, Dramatic Thought pulls up on the hood of an old school car, rocking his  Dwayne Wade jersey (no, not the new Bulls jersey, the Miami Heat one of course). He pulls off in the classic car and drives back to his crib, where he meets up with a girl who seems more than excited to see him. Next stop: a house party, where Dramatic's friends sing along for the third verse.

With some semi-gothic production from Shy Boogs and a catchy chorus, "Vice City" should be rocking all over Miami (and everywhere else)!

"Vice City"- and the rest of Unmasked- was produced, recorded and mixed by Shy Boogs in the Gallery Room and mastered by Key-Low in the Cyber Suite.